The impressive first floor fireplace was a copy of the english fireplace in the library of the main house. It seemed a bit grand for a cottage but apparently Paul's great grandfather had given his wife carte blanche to create this delightful structure for her gardener.


Suzanne wanted the dark interior to be painted in soft cream colors. So painting the black fireplace and the dark wood paneled ceiling were the first interior changes made. She hired a local artist, whose specialty was recreating historic Victorian ceilings, to create a wonderful new ceiling for the first floor sitting room.

The new French style chaises were custom made to face each other in front of the fireplace. They were quite comfortable for reading or late evening conversation. The little marble table was also new but the plant stands and the ferns themselves had come from the big house.

The unusual collection of pewter soldiers had belonged to Paul's grandfather. He had been a military man and a lover of history. Many of the books that filled the bookcases were his. His recent death and the death of his mother a few years earlier, meant that Paul and his father were the only remaining members of the family since both Paul and his father had been only children. Paul thought it was comforting to be surrounded in this little house with the much loved possessions of his parents and grandparents. His grandfather had been delighted when he realized that his collection of soldiers would be so prominently displayed in what he called the "big little house".

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