When Renee inquired about the Norwegian words above the beds, she was surprised to hear Gunder's translation. It was written in old Norwegian and was not the expected the night time blessing, but rather a God fearing, moral admonishment. "Fear of God's spirit is nutrition to all good virtues. It leads us to what God and law offer us." Gunder thought it was an old Psalm and that the beds may have been built in the 1850's. He explained that it was quite common for Biblical sayings to be carved on built in beds and cupboards.

Gunder was pleased that the furniture had been carefully preserved and used many of the pieces to furnish the 2 stabburs. He remembered that most of the furnishings had been hand made.

The little three legged chairs she and Philippe were now sitting in, as well as the unusual cradle were probably the first pieces his grandfather had made. He very likely painted the simple red decorations himself. The box beds were already a part of that early farm house. These traditional beds were built high off the floor and enclosed to conserve heat.

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